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2020 Mail-O-Graphic Tournament Results

Congratulations to all participants in this year's Mail-O-Graphic Tournament! Great bowling and congrats to all of this year's tournament winners. Click here to view the Mail-O-Graphic Tournament Standings and Prize Lists

Overall tournament participation was terrific again this year and we had a new record number of entries The excellent work from our State and Local 600 Club secretaries helped make this happen. We thank each and every one who participated or otherwise helped to promote the Mail-O-Graphic.

We would like to recognize the Top 5 states with the highest number of entrants for this year's tournament:

 North Dakota71
 New York63

Click the links below to see how many of your fellow National 600 Club members entered from your state. Spread the word about this fun tournament and see if you can help move your state up in the rankings.

2020 Entry Summary
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Wouldn't it be fun to have at least one participant from every state? If you live in a state that hasn't made the list yet, you can be that special entry - or if you have a friend in one of those states, spread the word about our tournament and invite them to join in.

Click here for Mail-O-Graphic Tournament Information. Rules and entry forms for the 2021 Tournament will be available on the website or by contacting the National 600 Club office after July 1, 2020. Thanks to all who entered and congratulations to the winners. We hope you enjoyed the 2020 Mail-O-Graphic Tournament and will participate again in 2021!




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