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Les Dames de 700 Club

State and Local 600 Clubs Across the Nation
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Blossomland 600 Club of
Southwestern Michigan
Records indicate the Club was formally established in 1953. Three tournaments are held each year with a free buffet for members following the Club's annual meeting in April. The Club has approximately 150 active members and each year gives a gift to all members.
The District #6 600 Club (Ohio)
Illinois Women's 600 Bowling Club The Illinois Women's 600 Bowling Club was formed in Bloomington, Illinois in 1998, having 35 Charter Members. We hold a State Tournament once a year, rotating the tournament two three areas of the state. The north, central, and the south. Effective May 30, 2001 we have 613 active members in our club. We're proud of the club and the women of our state for their support of the club and the annual tournament. Membership as of August 10, 2002 is now up to 680 members.
California State Women's 600 Bowling Club The California State Women's 600 Bowling Club was formed in 1954. A tournament is held every year in conjunction with the CWBA State Tournament. During the state convention, there is an annual meeting and luncheon held for the members.
Iowa 600 Bowling Club Founded February 28, 1953 and are now beginning preparations for the 50th anniversary in 2003 which will be held in conjunction with the Iowa Women's State Tournament to be held in Cedar Rapids. In October, the club will hold an annual doubles and singles tournament at Spare Time Lanes in Jefferson, Iowa. During the state tournament, a mail-in tournament uses the scores rolled by members in the singles event.
Buckeye 600 Bowling Club The Club was founded for the purposes of uniting all female bowlers in Ohio who have qualified for membership, to conduct an annual tournament, to encourage members to promote social activities and devote themselves to the fun of bowling.  Also, to urge all members to play the game in a sportsman-like manner, bringing credit and honor to themselves and to the Buckeye 600 Bowling Club.
Ohio Women's 700 Bowling Club
Buckeye Women Bowling Writers
The United WBA's 600 Club
Wisconsin State 600 Bowling Club Any member of the National 600 Club who is a current member of the Wisconsin Women's Bowling Association is eligible for membership in the Wisconsin State 600 Club
Beaumont 600 Bowling Club Site is presented by the Beaumont Women's Bowling Association for the enjoyment and information of the Beaumont Women's Bowling Association bowlers and others.
Texas 600 Club Site is presented by the Texas 600 Club